Newdex is honored to become a candidate for EOS 21 BPs

Newdex is launched on 8 August, 2018, as the first EOS decentralized exchange in the world, providing the most quality service for cryptocurrency traders and suppliers. Since launched, Newdex has been working on the EOS development to meet different trading needs of users, believing that with the joint efforts of Newdex and the whole community we could make a great contribution to the EOS ecosystem.

Newdex Team is comprised of senior members from different industries. The fundamental goal of Newdex is to strengthen the openness, security and user-friendliness of decentralized digital assets through intensive code development, research, and collaboration.

As a candidate for 21 BPs, our vision is to share the industry experience gained during the operating process, expecting to cooperate with global developers, projects and BPs to prosper the EOS ecosystem together.

Newdex Alternative BP Configuration
BP Name: newdex.bp
BP Position: China
Company Address: Cayman Islands
Usage of BP Revenue
Server Cost: For server hardware maintenance to meet the EOS main net requirements.
EOS Tools Development: Provide efficient and convenient tools for EOS
BP Team Operation: For Newdex Team expenses, promising the normal operations of the team

Route Map:


Newdex Launches


Supports Mobile Wallet Authorization Login


Launches DAPP


Launches APP


Opens Trade API


Launches EUSD StableCoin Trading Area


Launches Membership System


Finishes the development, test and code security audit of smart contract


Finishes the development of projects management and marketing system 1.0


Finishes the development of projects management and marketing system 2.0


Platform penetration tests and code security audits